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My hobby of making things (especially baby things) is starting to produce excessive stuff that I have no need for around my small little home. I have recently started my online Etsy store and enjoy sharing my little creations with the world. :) I am a Registered nurse and work fulltime. I have an amazing boyfriend and my son is a small puppy named Max. Everything I make is inspired by something and that something is typically my niece and nephew. I hope you all enjoy my things. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy.... I think not!

A group of owls that I will be selling at the craft show this Saturday (May, 28)
                                                              Getting This All Started

                So since I am new to selling my crafts I thought I would allow everyone to understand some of the inside stuff that is required.  I must admit that it is more challenging and in depth than I ever thought it would be. 
                It all started with this wonderful idea that it would be fun! I could just create and sell and that is all there would be to it.  O boy was I wrong.  First I realized that to sell things you needed a business license… A business license? What is the world is that, I wondered.  Well after a great deal of research and phone calls to state tax people I figured it out and eventually became legal and got my license.  (Which I must say I was really excited about!) Then I realized I would have to keep track of every item bought and everything I sold for tax purposes. This would be easier if I was more organized but I am getting a little better… slowly.  Then when I got all of the legal stuff figured out it would be easy.. Right? WRONG
                I set up my own email and then off to start an Etsy store.  Etsy is a wonderful place but for me setting up a great store was not the easiest task.  I have joined teams and read many articles.  I have even had a critique of my store to make it better but it still needs some work. Then you have all these other issues arise like who ever thought postage could be so difficult? Well they sure do not make it the easiest thing especially when you have no Idea where in the world the people that will buy from you will be from. .
 Then you get your first sale.  J I must say with each sale I am like a small child and get overly excited. Then it’s a rush to package and ship it and then I still constantly worry about the product hoping that the buyer loves it as much as I do and that it makes it to them in one piece.  During all the madness of starting up my Etsy store I also started a facebook page.  Getting fans is like pulling teeth.  You can have like 1000 friends on facebook so why do only 10 of them like your page? All of these worries and thoughts go through your head and then you second guess your creations all together.  What if not one likes them? Or What if they are just not good enough? Then luckily you have wonderful people that purchase something and express how great it is and how much they love it and you feel all warm and bubbly all over again. 
            It is kind of like a roller coaster.  That is the best was I can describe it.  With my first craft show coming up this weekend my nerves have been running high! I must say that I am excited and glad that I have decided to sell my goodies but for anyone thinking about doing the same just prepare for the unexpected J  Nothing this fun can ever go completely smooth and the best help for me has been reading how other crafters handle situations and do things. 

A big thanks to all of my supporters :)

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