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My hobby of making things (especially baby things) is starting to produce excessive stuff that I have no need for around my small little home. I have recently started my online Etsy store and enjoy sharing my little creations with the world. :) I am a Registered nurse and work fulltime. I have an amazing boyfriend and my son is a small puppy named Max. Everything I make is inspired by something and that something is typically my niece and nephew. I hope you all enjoy my things. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Super Boy Zadyn

Now a day’s my little 2 yr old nephew is not only a pirate but also super boy.
                For the last few weeks he had ran through his house screaming, “SUPER BOY ZADYN” while flying with him arms straight out.  He then started putting towels on his head as a cape.  This was just not expectable. He needed a legit cape! My sister asked him if he wanted me to make him one and he said, “Yes, one with a Z.” 
So there you have it! That’s how this wonderful little cape came to be.  It snaps around his neck so there isn’t any choking hazard. If you can’t tell from the pictures….. HE LOVES IT!
Success J
Have a great day and be creative!
P.S. After I made him the cape my new nickname is Super Girl Millie :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ten Dollars Later.....

Thrifting is my favorite thing ever. Period.
                This week I was on a tight financial budget but had to urge to shop.  I decided to visit a local thrift shop.  As you can see by the pictures I had a wonderful thrifting day.   I lucked out and the thrift store had a great crafting section and I latched on to everything I thought I may possibly use.  Everything that is in the picture is from the thrift shop (Except Max!) My favorite find of the day is the wonderful unique zipper and all of the fabric.   The fabric ended up equally over 6 yards.  J
The best part of it all is that it all only cost