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My hobby of making things (especially baby things) is starting to produce excessive stuff that I have no need for around my small little home. I have recently started my online Etsy store and enjoy sharing my little creations with the world. :) I am a Registered nurse and work fulltime. I have an amazing boyfriend and my son is a small puppy named Max. Everything I make is inspired by something and that something is typically my niece and nephew. I hope you all enjoy my things. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

For Pretty Little Girls

Every little girl needs a few adorable, ruffled diaper covers right?
I think so!  That is what inspired me to make my first diaper cover.
            Since I have a little baby niece, my sister recommended I make her some diaper covers.  I was worried that this would be far too difficult since they look a little tough.  After I found a wonderful tutorial I decided I could do it.  I have made ruffles before so that was not an issue. 
Of course I did have one issue.
My silly sewing machine.
            My machines have recently decided that they want to be difficult and not work properly. This makes me very unhappy.  I have been searching for a new machine and hope to soon have a replacement.  As soon as I do I plan to make a bunch of these little cuties because I think that every pretty little girl needs one J
I hope everyone has had a great Monday!
(Check back tomorrow for a picture of miss Emmy herself rocking her new diaper cover!)


  1. Cute!
    Fellow Craftcount Member
    MCatherine of Hide A Heart on Etsy

  2. Super cute! I'm hoping to use cloth diapers when we have a kiddo- guess I'll have to put you to work! ha