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My hobby of making things (especially baby things) is starting to produce excessive stuff that I have no need for around my small little home. I have recently started my online Etsy store and enjoy sharing my little creations with the world. :) I am a Registered nurse and work fulltime. I have an amazing boyfriend and my son is a small puppy named Max. Everything I make is inspired by something and that something is typically my niece and nephew. I hope you all enjoy my things. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diaper Holder Success :)

         Recently I have been trying to make things that are functional and things that people actually need.  So many things are over produced and just offer no uniqueness and are actually quite bland.  When my cousin suggested making diaper holders I though this really might be a great idea. 
         Where can you go to find a super cute personalized diaper holder? I know nowhere.   (I must admit I have not looked very hard though.)   I found a wonderful tutorial online and decided to go for it.  It was actually not that hard it just took a while to construct.  I believe the next one will be easier since I think I now have it figured it out.   
       Since this particular one was made with no one in mind I just added the little butterfly.  If I sale them I plan to personalize them with the first letter of the babys name.
                                                       Let me know what you think..
                                                          Have a wonderful day!

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